3:59 a.m. Denver time
Friday, October 31, 2014

Art at DIA

The DIA Art and Culture Program is a collaboration between Denver International Airport, the City of Denver, and arts organizations and creative professionals throughout the region. The program produces and promotes new artworks, exhibitions, cultural events and design projects that are unique to the airport setting – enriching the experience of people using the airport and supporting the region’s creative economy.

It is the vision of the DIA Art and Culture Program to:

  • Offer acclaimed public art and cultural programming, always fresh and exciting, always of the highest caliber.
  • Make the creative energy and cultural legacy of the Rocky Mountain Front Range region palpable to anyone who visits the airport.
  • Create a cultural experience that engages airport users, attracts audiences from the surrounding area, and wins recognition in the world beyond.

For information about public art opportunities at Denver International Airport, please visit the Art and Culture Program Web page on DIA Business Center site.

The airport's public art collection was one of the first fully integrated art installations in the nation. The artwork represents Phase I of the public art master plan and includes sculptures, murals, and installations creating one of the most extensive airport art programs in the world. More »

Denver International Airport's exhibition program includes several venues with changing collections. A theme is developed for each exhibit from an artistic point of view and interpretation. Exhibits are changed frequently so travelers can experience new examples of artistic creativity. More »

Did You Know?

Lounge 5280

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