Is our WiFi up to speed?

Speed matters. Especially when you're traveling. And definitely when you're streaming videos and music or downloading large files.

At DEN we're dedicated to providing all of our WiFi users with the fastest connection speeds of any airport in the country.

Let us know if we're meeting your WiFi speed needs:

  1. Make sure you are on your mobile device
  2. Connect to DEN Airport Free WiFi
  3. Download the free Speedtest® app - click here
  4. Click "go"

That's it!

Thank you for helping us by testing the DEN Free WiFi Network.

Speedtest® Q&A

Can I use the Speedtest® app outside of the airport?

Yes! Test your WiFi speed at your local coffee shop, your home or anywhere you travel.

What if my Speedtest® shows network speeds that aren’t good? (Less than 15 mbps)

We want to know. Please email [email protected] and report speeds, location, date and time, or click here.

Why Speedtest®?

Speedtest® by Ookla® is an independent company that uses consumer-initiated testing to determine the speed and performance of networks and publishes their rankings.

Network speed, what's that mean?

There are two different measurements of network speed – upload and download speeds.

Download speed is what general users usually care most about most. Streaming videos or music, reading a blog post, or scrolling through an Instagram feed are all examples of downloading.

Upload speed is important when transferring large files or interactive applications like online gaming and video chat.