Q. What is VeriFLY
VeriFLY is a new experience at DEN that adds reliability and confidence to your journey by decreasing contact and congestion as you zip to your gate. 

Q. Why should I use VeriFLY?
VeriFLY allows you to make a reservation for TSA screening in advance of your flight. Your reservation gives you access to an expedited and protected security lane, as well as a reserved train car, allowing you to transit from the main terminal to the concourses on a reserved train car reducing your exposure to others. For an additional level of confidence, each VeriFLY reservation requires successful completion of a brief health questionnaire prior to travel and a temperature scan as you enter the VeriFLY lane. Masks are mandatory throughout the journey and must cover the traveler’s mouth and nose. 

Q. How do I make a reservation?
Just download the VeriFLY app, create an account, and reserve a 15-minute window before your travel date.

Q. How far in advance can I make a reservation?
You are able to make a reservation up to two-weeks prior to your flight through the VeriFLY app.

Q. Is VeriFLY free?
Yes.  DEN is creating a new experience to give health-conscious travelers more confidence moving through the airport. In exchange for making a reservation, completing a health questionnaire and adhering to mask requirements, we are able to provide an enhanced and expedited path through security and out to the concourse.

Q. Is a health assessment required?
Yes. Twenty-four hours before your reservation, you will receive a notification from the VeriFLY app and/or an email with a link to a brief health questionnaire based on Centers for Disease Control guidelines for assessing exposure to COVID-19. You must complete and pass the health assessment for you and your companion (if you have one) to access the VeriFLY program.

Q. What is the process once I get to the airport?
Once you arrive at the airport, you will need to check-in for your flight with your airline. If you aren’t checking bags and you already have your boarding pass, head straight to the south security checkpoint (located near the Westin and transit center). At the south checkpoint, there will be a dedicated lane for VeriFly™ passengers. You will need to scan your QR code, your temperature will be taken and then you will move through the screening process. Once screening is complete, you will take the escalators/stairs to the train platform where you will enter the specified VeriFLY queue for a reserved train car for VeriFLY passengers. You will need to scan your QR code to enter. Once the train arrives, board and travel to your concourse.

Q. Does VeriFLY check you in for your flight?
No. You will still need to check-in with your airline online or at a ticket counter.

Q. Do I have to take my shoes and belt off and take my laptop out for security screening?
VeriFLY passengers will have access to both a standard screening lane and a PreCheck lane for those who have that service through TSA. This will be identified on your boarding pass. In the standard screening lane, you will need to remove your shoes, jackets, belts, etc. and place laptops and other electronic devices in the bins. If you are a PreCheck passenger, you will receive the normal benefits of not having to remove your shoes, jackets, belts and personal belongings.

Q. What about the other passengers I’m traveling with?
You can now designate up to five additional persons to accompany you through with your reservation. 

Q. Does my guest have to complete the health-assessment?
Yes. When making your reservation you will indicate you have a traveling companion with you and you will complete the health assessment for you and your guest 24 hours before your flight.

Q. How many passengers will be allowed into the reserved train car?
The train car reserved for VeriFLY passengers will be limited to 12 passengers in order to provide sufficient social distancing. In addition, the face mask/covering requirement will be strictly enforcement.

Q. Will the dedicated train car be open to other passengers if there is minimal use?
No. The VeriFLY train car will be reserved for passengers with reservations in order to give travelers confidence each person on the train has completed a health screening.

Q. How will you ensure that the wait time in the VeriFLY lane remains minimal?
To ensure that the security lanes and dedicated train car are not overwhelmed, we are limiting reservations each hour. Additionally, we plan accordingly around peak times so we can space passengers out and avoid overcrowding.

Q. Are wheelchairs allowed?
Yes. There will be an attendant on site to help you access the security lane and the train car queue. But remember, you must coordinate wheelchair service with your airline.