Meet & Assist Terms & Conditions

Services, Terms & Conditions

For a limited time, services are offered free of charge and are strictly based on availability.

Included Services

  • Contact with booking agent or departure party regarding travel details
  • Coordination with chauffeur or ground transportation provider
  • Priority check-in, when available
  • Meet and greet assistance; curb to gate, gate to vehicle or gate to gate
  • Arranging luggage assistance (Skycap fees at passenger’s expense)
  • Coordination with wheelchair services (wheelchair must be booked directly with the airline and include the passenger’s record locator)
  • Expedited security processing, when available
  • On departure, boarding when desired arranged with the gate agent (based on airline policy)
  • Report sent to booking agency following meet and assist

Excluded Services

  • Tipping to Skycaps/Porters is the responsibility of the passenger(s)
  • Lounge usage is at the discretion of the airline. In some cases, a day-pass may be purchased. Please contact your airline for more information

Hours of Operation

Normal hours of operations are seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE: By policy Concierge staff members are not permitted to accept gratuities.

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