Eats Delivered Q & A

What is Eats Delivered?
Eats Delivered allows you to enjoy some of DEN's great restaurants with less contact and no lines. All you need to do is download the AtYourGate app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, select your restaurant of choice, order and then pay.  Food will be delivered in approximately 30 minutes or less by an AtYourGate employee who will follow COVID-19 health precautions. A $4.99 delivery fee applies, but menu prices remain the same as dine-in or grab and go.

What restaurants are participating in the delivery program?
We currently offer delivery from these participating restaurants: Denver Central Market, Flight Stop, Einstein’s Bagels, Garbanzo, McDonald’s, Peak Concepts, Que Bueno, Quiznos, Root Down, Timberline Steaks & Grille, Pizza Hut, KFC Express, Etai's, and Haagen-Dazs.

How much does it cost?
The service costs $4.99 to deliver your order to you. You will also enjoy the same menu pricing as dine-in or grab and go orders.

How long will it take to get my food?
Delivery will be made in approximately 30 minutes or less from the time you place your order. So, plan ahead to allow enough time for your food to be delivered prior to your boarding time.

How do I place an order?
Eats Delivered is powered by our partners from AtYourGate. Just download the AtYourGate app to get started with your order. You also can order online at this link.

When is the program available?
The program is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, with pickup ONLY available on the weekends! Perfect for late breakfast, lunch and dinner orders.

Can I order from different restaurants?
Yes, you will be able to order from any of our participating restaurants. However, only one restaurant is available per order. If you would like to order from multiple restaurants you would place multiple orders. The $4.99 delivery fee is applied to each restaurant order. 

Can you accommodate large group orders?
Yes, for extra-large groups, you may need to allow extra time for the restaurant to complete your order. The AtYourGate team will contact you if your order will take extra time to fulfill.

How will I know where to meet the delivery person?
You will receive SMS notifications of your order throughout the process. When the AtYourGate team member is at your selected delivery location you will be notified. Just look for the employee in the AtYourGate uniform. If they are having a difficult time finding you, the delivery personnel will call you at the number indicated in your order.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver to any gate on all three of our concourses, as well as ticket counters and baggage claims in the terminal. Airport employees can also select from specific employee delivery locations as well.

Will more restaurants be added to the program?
Yes. We are always looking for additional restaurants to add to the program. Participation is 100% voluntary. As more restaurants are added to the program, their menus will automatically appear in the app.

Can I order drinks or an alcoholic beverage?
Nonalcoholic drinks are available for order, but alcoholic beverages cannot be delivered.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

When the AtYourGate employee delivers your order, you are encouraged to inspect your items. Just let them know if something doesn’t look quite right. If you find a problem later, contact the team through the AtYourGate app. Customer Service is our top priority and every effort will be made to ensure your order is correct and you are satisfied. 

Can I take my meal on my flight with me?
Yes, all items are packaged as to-go orders. Feel free to enjoy your meal on your flight.

Can I pay with cash?
The program is designed to offer contactless order and payment. With this in mind, we do not accept cash. All payments are made through the AtYourGate app.

Do I tip the delivery person?
You may but it’s certainly not required! As Eats Delivered is a contactless system, we ask that you please don’t tip your delivery person with cash. The AtYourGate app will give you the option to tip at the time of your order.

What happens if my flight leaves before my food is delivered?
Your order will be delivered in approximately 30 minutes or less from the time you place it through the AtYourGate app. You will also be notified every step of the way. We recommend planning to make sure you have enough time to receive your order prior to placing it. If there is a delay, just contact the AtYourGate team through the app for assistance.

Will I have an option to customize my order?
Yes, you are able to enter notes on the order for allergy substitutions, etc. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Are participating restaurants offering limited menu options for delivery?
Some restaurants with sit-down menu options are initially offering limited menu options for delivery to ensure a high quality product.