CATS Tales

As the DEN CATS go about their work of delighting travelers, they often have the opportunity to provide an extra dose of joy and comfort. Read about some of these special encounters, as seen through the eyes of these furry volunteers.

Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dog

The day I heard “CATS dog stop!” while on duty on A Gates, I immediately looked around for signs of a feline. Then I remembered that “CATS” was the abbreviation for my squad. A young woman ran toward me and told my owner that she had always wanted to visit with a CATS member at DEN. She said she was afraid of flying and could use some furry therapy, so I went right to work. My new friend sat on the floor next to me and gave me the best belly rub. We stayed together until she was ready to board her flight. Before she left, she took a selfie with me and said my friendly snuggles were exactly what she needed. Then she asked for several of my trading cards to share with her friends. I love my job!