Denver International Airport’s Sustainability Program is Future Focused

At DEN, we are on a mission to become one of the most sustainable airports in the world! We’re focused on steps we can take today, for a better tomorrow. 

DEN's Future is Renewable

DEN's future is renewable

DEN has one of the largest and most diversified solar energy programs of any airport in the world. The airport currently hosts ten solar photovoltaic arrays with a combined generation capacity of 28 megawatts, which generate the equivalent power usage of almost 8,000 average Denver homes! DEN also purchases off-site solar energy from Community Solar Gardens and from an Xcel Energy-owned array, and we’re planning rooftop solar photovoltaic systems for each of our new concourse expansions.

DEN's Future is Electric

DEN's future is electric

At DEN you’ll find over 50 electric vehicle charging stations! There are 25 stations throughout the west garage, 11 in the east garage, 11 at 61st and Peña and 5 available located in the employee parking area. We have 8 more EV charging stations coming that will be installed in the Commercial Vehicle Holding Lot.

DEN's Future is Resilient

DEN has five LEED certified facilities, including the United States’ only on-airport LEED Platinum hotel. All four concourse expansion projects are tracking high LEED Gold and include DEN’s first rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. 

DEN's Future is Plugged In

DEN has ground power and preconditioned air units available to aircraft parked at any of our 130 gates. These units allow aircraft to turn off their Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and not use jet fuel when parked at the gate, in turn helping reducing emissions. 

DEN's Future is Systematic

DEN was the first commercial airport with an internationally certified Environmental Management System (EMS). Our EMS helps us proactively identify and mitigate all potential impacts to the environment from airport operations. The EMS outlines a series of guidelines, policies, procedures and processes that address environmental impacts in day-to-day business activities.