Peña Boulevard Improvements: Jackson Gap to the Terminal

DEN's "Return to Terminal" Loop Now open!

DEN is making many improvements to the safety of Peña Boulevard, including enhancements between Jackson Gap St. and the terminal. See traffic impacts associated with this project here. 

Construction Overview

This project accommodates current and future airport growth and improves safety along Peña Boulevard with:

  • New relocated Return-to-Terminal route
    • The new Return-to-Terminal route improves safety by reducing weaving traffic patterns near the terminal. Click HERE for a video overview of the new Return-to-Terminal loop. 
    • To see a drive-along of the new Return-to-Terminal loop, check out this video.

  • Additional lanes along inbound Peña Boulevard between Jackson Gap Street and Jeppesen Terminal
    • Two additional lanes on Peña Boulevard better accommodate shuttle-bus traffic, reduce congestion and improve safety
  • New pavement and infrastructure
    • Replace 26-year-old pavement

Construction Timeframe

Start: Summer 2020

Expected Completion: January 2022

Project Details

  • The project improves safety along inbound and outbound Peña Boulevard by relocating the Return-to-Terminal route
    • The Return-to-Terminal ramp will move to Jackson Gap Street in a free flow, U-turn movement
    • Eliminates the weaving traffic pattern that currently exists with the outbound and inbound lanes
  • Improves capacity for inbound (toward terminal) traffic 
    • Additional two inbound lanes 
    • Improves safety, capacity and traffic flow
    • Reduces congestion and travel time to the airport
  • New pavement and infrastructure
    • Replacing aging pavement and reducing annual pavement maintenance needs  

During construction, passengers are encouraged to:

  • Allow extra time to arrive at the terminal before your flight
  • Follow posted speed limits 
  • Be cautious of construction activity and workers
  • Pay attention to all signage
  • Avoid distractions while driving 

COVID-19 Impacts

The original scope of the Peña Boulevard Improvement Project was scaled back due to COVID-19 impacts. Work is moving forward on a portion of the project, noted above, to improve the safety of Peña Boulevard while traffic near the airport is low.

Questions or Comments?

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