Passenger Traffic

  • In 2016, DEN saw a record-setting 58.3 million passengers
    • This ranks DEN as the third-fastest growing airport in the world, behind only Kuala Lumpur and Delhi
    • DEN as the sixth busiest airport in the U.S. and 18th busiest in the world (2016)
    • Approximately 65 percent of travelers at DEN are origination and destination (O&D) passengers, and 35 percent are connecting
    • Approximately 35 million annual domestic passengers are O&D passengers, making DEN the fourth-largest domestic O&D hub in the U.S.
    • International traffic at DEN accounts for approximately 2.2 million passengers annually – approximately 4 percent of the airport’s total passenger traffic
  • A total of 22 airlines provide approximately 1,500 daily scheduled commercial flights to 180 nonstop destinations from DEN:
    • DEN is United Airlines’ fourth largest hub by capacity, serving nearly 140 destinations from DEN
    • United makes up just over 40 percent of DEN’s total seat market share
    • 60 percent of United’s traffic at DEN is made up of connecting/transfer passengers
    • DEN is also the fourth largest hub in Southwest Airlines’ network by flights and capacity
    • Southwest serves over 60 destinations from DEN and makes up 30 percent of DEN’s seat market share
    • About three-fourths of Southwest’s traffic at DEN is O&D traffic
    • The Airport is also the largest base for Frontier Airlines with over 50 destinations from DEN
    • Frontier makes up over 11 percent of DEN’s total seat market share
    • Frontier’s traffic is nearly 90 percent O&D traffic at DEN
    • DEN is also served by American Airlines, with seven destinations from DEN, as well as Delta Air Lines, with nine destinations

The busiest single days in DEN history include:









The airport publishes monthly reports on passenger traffic and airline market share. Those reports are available here.