Message from CEO Phillip A. Washington: Strategic Plan Community Message

Last fall, I announced Vision 100, a plan to ensure that Denver International Airport (DEN) will have the capacity and infrastructure to support 100 million annual passengers within the next 10 years. Then in November, we invited you to share your comments and suggestions about Vision 100 – thank you for sharing your feedback with us! 
After months of intensive research, including the consideration of your feedback and suggestions, we have developed a new strategic plan based on Vision 100 that we are officially launching today. 
This strategic plan will guide our work over the next three to five years as we continue to invest in and improve our airport. Our Strategic Plan is based on four pillars and four guiding principles. As a reminder, here are the four pillars:
  • Powering our People: This includes those who work at DEN and community members who want to be part of DEN today or in the future. Ultimately, we want Denver to become THE place that businesses and governments around the world look to recruit and hire aviation talent
  • Growing our Infrastructure: Investing and growing our facility to ensure DEN can accommodate 100 million annual passengers
  • Maintaining What We Have: The airport is turning 27 years old this year and is experiencing a great deal of wear and tear due to our increasing passenger volumes
  • Expanding our Global Connections: We want to solidify Denver and DEN’s place on the world map and create more business and tourism opportunities
Under each pillar are three strategic objectives and corresponding metrics. These objectives will serve as our goals for the next three to five years. 
Some of these objectives are ones we have already shared with you including:
  • Building a Center of Excellence and Equity in Aviation to provide career opportunities for our community
  • Completing our Gate Expansion program and other major infrastructure projects to accommodate our growing airlines
  • Growing our domestic network and looking for opportunities to expand to disconnected locations
  • Developing the infrastructure of our real estate development around DEN that will create business opportunities and fuel our economy
As we work to achieve these strategic objectives, our work will be informed by our four guiding principles:
Ultimately, this Strategic Plan will help us create an airport for the future by providing excellence in service and support as we prepare for 100 million annual passengers. In turn, we will create more economic, business, education, and cultural opportunities for our Denver community and the surrounding region. The opportunities are truly endless with Vision 100 and we look forward to taking this journey with you. Thank you for your continued support!
Phillip A. Washington
Chief Executive Office