Project Overview

Since August 2016, DEN has been engaged in pre-development negotiations with Great Hall Partners. That work has included developing the design, cost and partnership details. Now, those negotiations are nearly complete and the airport anticipates bringing the final terms of a development agreement to the Denver City Council for public consideration this summer. 

This plan will result in an improved security model, feature new technology and modernize our aging facility. At the same time, we will be better utilizing the terminal space for improved concessions and increased non-airline revenue in an environment that promotes relaxation and enjoyment. Our goal is for travelers to not only find the terminal experience safer and more efficient, but to actually enjoy it, too. The result of this work will be a modernized facility that serves as a warm welcome to Denver, keeps up with demand and creates a lasting impression on visitors to our state.

While focused largely on the Great Hall area within the center of the terminal, improvements will be made to almost all areas of the terminal, including escalators, restrooms, ticketing and security.

Project Benefits

  • Increases capacity of the terminal to more than 80 million passengers per year (currently at 50 million)
  • Increases TSA throughput by an estimated 50-70 percent
  • Better utilization of airline ticket spaces
  • Creates a new meter/greeter area at the south end of the terminal, and a new “front door” to the airport
  • Improves food and retail offerings in the terminal
  • Upgrades entire facility: escalators, elevators, restrooms, security

Project Components

The Great Hall project is made up of five primary components:

  • Consolidated ticket lobby - Airline ticket counters move to the south end of the terminal, better utilizing this space
  • New TSA security screening experience - TSA moves from level 5 to level 6, reducing a vulnerability and creating a better passenger experience. Along with moving the TSA checkpoints, the Great Hall project also seeks to tap into new technology and innovation in the industry to create more secure and efficient security screening. The plan is projected to substantially increase the amount of passenger throughput at the checkpoints and remove the vulnerability that comes with having two highly exposed checkpoints today. Additionally, the existing TSA checkpoint on the bridge would be removed, creating open post-screening access to the pedestrian bridge.
  • A Bridge Connection - Creates much needed additional concessions, support and service space on the A bridge
  • New meeter-greeter southern lobby - Creates a new front door to the airport for passengers entering from the A Line train, and creates a new welcoming space for greeting domestic arrivals
  • Post-security concessions area - Improves the food, retail and services available in the terminal

Preliminary Conceptual Project Renderings

The following images show the preliminary architectural renderings of what the space will look like upon completion. These images, which are subject to changes, provide a glimpse of what the look and feel of the Great Hall would be in a few years. For a computer video rendering of this preliminary concept, which is subject to change, click here. 

(Post-security, level 5)

Terms of the Development Agreement

Under the proposed terms of the development agreement, the airport remains in full control of its facility -- including the ticket lobbies, security screening areas and public circulation. Great Hall Partners will be responsible for constructing the improvements and managing the terminal concessions. DEN and Great Hall Partners are sharing the costs of design and construction. Great Hall Partners will be repaid through a combination of DEN payments and they will keep 20% of the concession revenues. Additionally, DEN will pay Great Hall Partners to operate and maintain the terminal. We anticipate the cost to design and build the project to range between $650-$775 million, though the Great Hall Partners' total contract amount will be higher due to operations, maintenance and financing. We are still finalizing the total contract amount. The contract length will be set at 34 years, which includes four years of design and construction work, following by 30 years of concessions operations and maintenance. DEN will also keep 100 percent of other revenues derived from the terminal in spaces the airport will develop. 

DEN is an enterprise of the City and County of Denver, so no taxpayer money is used from the city's General Fund for any projects or operations at the airport. Instead, the airport acts more like a business, so revenue generated by the airport would be used for this and any other projects at DEN. Importantly, the Great Hall project would not interrupt or take the place of any other airport improvement projects. The DEN capital improvement plan ensures that the entire airport is maintained, including runways, taxiways, roads and other infrastructure.

What's Next

The airport anticipates sending a final development agreement to the City Council for public consideration this summer. If approved, construction could begin in early to mid 2018, with the project completed by late 2021. Visit this site regularly for updated information as the project progresses.