Construction is still in progress on the Great Hall Project. Currently, most of the work is in the center of the terminal and will not impact security screening or check-in processes at this time. However, construction walls are in place on Level 5 and Level 6, which may require additional time to navigate from the check-in counters to security. Due to the construction, you cannot walk through the middle of the terminal on Level 6. Instead, you need to detour the construction area by walking outside on the curb of Level 6 or through the baggage claim corridor on Level 5. Yellow signage has been installed to help passengers navigate during construction.

With the contract termination, DEN will be identifying a new contractor(s) and begin the contracting and city approval process. DEN is working to streamline this process to resume work as soon as possible. DEN is anticipating mobilizing a new contractor(s) by first quarter of 2020.

DEN’s new contractor(s) will be responsible for construction only and not the operations and maintenance or the commercial program as was stated in the original contract.  DEN will operate any commercial development and will retain 100 percent of the revenues.