Project Benefits

Although DEN remains the country’s youngest commercial airport, no one could have predicted its growth or how security and technology would fundamentally change the aviation industry over the last two decades. By investing in a modern airport terminal, we will elevate the overall passenger experience and enhance security in a way that adapts to today’s global challenges. The Great Hall Project’s benefits are:

  • Enhance safety and security by relocating the TSA screening checkpoints from Level 5 to Level 6 and implementing new, state-of-the-art automated security lanes (ASL). Click HERE to see video.
  • More efficient check-in process by providing a more flexible and open airline check-in space with new ticketing kiosks.
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies, including updated restrooms, escalators and elevators.
  • New meeting/greeting areas at the south end of the terminal include comfortable seating, dining and shopping options.
  • Improved passenger experience that is safer and more efficient.