The Project

Denver International Airport (DEN) has embarked on a renovation of the Great Hall, which is the area under the tents of the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal. The terminal encompasses 1.5 million square feet. Overall, the Great Hall Project will provide a more flexible and open airline check-in spacebut most importantly, it will enhance security. Currently, there is a vulnerability with the TSA checkpoints and moving them to Level 6 will eliminate that. It will also increase capacity of the terminal, update the aging facility and improve the overall passenger experience at DEN. The project is:

  • Moving security from Level 5 to Level 6, while making the process more efficient
  • Consolidating ticket lobbies
  • Creating a new international welcome area
  • Creating a new meet-and-greet area
  • Updating restrooms, escalators, elevators, and ticketing and screening technology