Great Hall Project

In July 2018, DEN began the Great Hall Project – a renovation of the airport’s main Jeppesen Terminal to create an airport for the future with enhanced safety and security, a more intuitive passenger flow and increased capacity to accommodate continued growth. 

  • DEN was built almost 25 years ago for an anticipated 50 million annual passengers. In 2018, over 64 million passengers traveled through DEN
  • DEN is expecting to hit 80 million passengers by 2025 and 110 million passengers by 2040
  • When the airport opened in 1995, 60% of the passengers connected through DEN. Today, nearly 65% originate from DEN and only 35% connect and that puts much more stress on the terminal facility than ever anticipated

This project will create a safer, more efficient and modernized Great Hall that serves as a warm welcome to Denver, keeps up with increasing demand, and leaves a lasting impression on all passengers and visitors. 


On January 29, the Hensel Phelps contract will be presented to the Denver City Council subcommittee for the Business, Arts, Workforce, Aviation for consideration. This contract will allow Hensel Phelps to complete Phase I of the Great Hall Project including:

  • Expanding Level 6 ticketing check-in area and constructing new airline ticket counters
  • Widening the balconies to make room for passengers to access the future Level 6 TSA security checkpoint
  • Upgrading and modernizing the escalators
  • Adding new restrooms (two on west side, two on east side)
  • Upgrading HVAC, lighting, and fire alarm systems
  • Refreshing all finishes

While the Hensel Phelps contract is progressing, the work currently underway is:

  • All original design and construction submittals are being reviewed to determine the status of the work
  • All materials on- and off-site are being inventoried and documented
  • All mechanical, electrical and plumbing fixtures are being assessed
  • The original scope of work, initial requirements and designs are being reviewed and evaluated. If redesign is necessary for any aspects of the work, the permitting process has to be completed once again
  • The Great Hall Completion Team will soon be installing taller walls (eight feet) around the north bridge overlooking the construction to increase safety for passengers and workers. The new walls will have plenty of observation windows so anyone can see how the construction is progressing
  • DEN and its lead contractors continue to work with subcontractors, the small business community and minority- and women-owned businesses



Please note the following tips to help keep your terminal experience as smooth as possible during construction:

  • Check before you head to DEN. Delays are expected to be minimal for travelers during the construction, but we encourage you to check for information such as current security wait times and departure flights before you arrive at the airport
  • Follow the signs. The terminal will look different from what you may be used to. Make sure to pay attention as you travel through the terminal and use posted signage to help you navigate around construction
  • When in doubt, ask for help. Find a friendly DEN Ambassador or customer service agent wearing a blue vest, or any airport employee you see wearing a badge


Hotline  (303) 342-6400
Email [email protected]
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