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Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE)


ACDBE Program Objectives

The ACDBE Program is a federal program applicable to airports that receive federal funds through grants from the FAA.

The ACDBE Program aims to create a level playing field where small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals can equitably compete for concession contracts, either as an operator or supplier at DEN, as well as other airports receiving federal funding throughout Colorado. It is race and gender conscious. 49 CFR 23.1 

Goal Setting

Triennial Goal (Overall goal) 49 CFR 23.41 An overall ACDBE goal is established every three years and submitted to the relevant Operating Administration per the OAs’ established schedule. 

The Overall goal percentage represents the difference between the current percentage of minority and women-owned firms’ participation on transportation projects and the percentage of participation that would be expected absent the effects of current and past discrimination.  

Denver International Airport Overall Triennial ACDBE Goals for Fiscal Years 2024-2026 

As per FAA requirements, DEN has established two separate overall ACDBE goals. 

  • Non-Car Rental Concession goal is 34.2%, of which 18.5% will be attained via race-conscious participation and the remaining 15.7% will be attained via race-neutral means. 
  • Car Rental Concession goal is 1.4%, of which 1.4% will be attained via race-neutral means. 

Contract goals may be set at varying levels depending upon the nature of the contract, subcontracting opportunities, and the availability of ACDBEs to perform the specific type of work. 

ACDBE Certification: Apply, Maintain and Connect

The Denver International Airport (DEN) serves as the certifying agent for the ACDBE Program. DEN’s ACDBE Program team works closely with interested firms through every step of the certification process.

New and Interstate ACDBE Certification

ACDBE Certification: 49 CFR Part 23 Subpart C
Interstate Guidance: 49 CFR 26.85

To submit a New or Interstate ACDBE application, click on the link below, select Apply for Certification, Create Account and follow the ACDBE prompts.

 Submit ACDBE Application

Maintain Your ACDBE Certification

49 CFR 26.83(j)

Each year your firm is required to provide an affidavit indicating there have been no changes affecting its ability to meet ACDBE eligibility requirements.

Submit Your No Change Affidavit

ACDBE Vendor Directory

The Vendor Directory lists certified ACDBE businesses that may be utilized by primes, contractors, or consultants to meet ACDBE project goals.

Search Vendor Directory

Get Involved Stay Connected

Outreach and Engagement offers several ways to get involved and is an excellent resource for new and existing ACDBEs, as well as those seeking to learn more about the program.

Click on the link below to take advantage of everything Outreach and Engagement has to offer!

Outreach and Engagement

Eligibility Requirements

What rules determine social and economic disadvantage?

What is a Joint Venture?

A Joint Venture is an “association of an ACDBE firm and one or more other firms to carry out a single, for-profit business enterprise, for which the parties combine their property, capital, efforts, skills and knowledge, and in which the ACDBE is responsible for a distinct, clearly defined portion of the work of the contract and whose shares in the capital contribution, control, management, risks and profits of the joint venture are commensurate with its ownership interest.”

DEN ACDBE Joint Venture Requirements FAA Joint Venture Guidance

ACDBE Forms and Documents

Local Certifications

DBE, M/WBE and SBEC certification applications (New, Interstate and Annual No Change Affidavits) are processed by the City’s Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO). You can email DSBO’s certification team at [email protected] for more info.

Visit the DSBO Website for More Info

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