Photography and Videos

Airport B-roll and Photo Library

Still images and video b-roll produced by Denver International Airport are available for news, editorial and non-commercial use, with credit to Denver International Airport. All other uses fall under the airport's rules for commercial filming and photography.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Rules and Regulations for Commercial Film, Still Photography and Videotaping

Individuals or firms wanting to produce films, still photography or to videotape for commercial purposes at Denver International Airport must first contact the Airport Global Communications and Marketing Office for permission.

A complete script, storyboard or layout must be submitted to the Global Communications and Marketing Office at the time permission is requested. The Global Communications and Marketing Office will have the script, storyboard or layout approved by the manager of aviation or his or her designee, by the Airport Operations Division and by any airport tenants that may be involved in the production.

Film or videotape production managers are required to participate in a walk-through of the production, with an Airport Global Communications and Marketing representative, before approval will be granted for the production to proceed.


The fee for all commercial film, still photography or videotape productions is $200 per hour. There is a minimum of two hours charged for any and all productions. (Accredited journalists working on assignment for their respective employers are exempt from fee charge.)

Site Use

The City of Denver has authority to grant or refuse the right for the permittee to photograph, film or record on Denver International Airport premises and to take exterior or interior films, photographs or videotapes.

Filming of airline or concession areas, including without limitation their corporate names, logos or other identifiers, shall not be permitted without the express written consent of the affected tenants.

All sign changes must be prearranged and approved by airport administration and the affected tenants. All substitute signage must be removed and all property must be restored to its original condition immediately after filming.


Permittee agrees to pay the airport the current hourly rates, regular or overtime, for all city or contract personnel whose time is spent in connection with the film.

Permittee also agrees to pay the standard rate for any city or airport equipment used during the shoot.

An additional 10 percent administrative fee will be charged for all city personnel and equipment used by the permittee. The permittee shall be responsible to pay the City of Denver 7.65 percent of the current overtime hourly rate to compensate the city for additional FICA costs incurred as a result of the use of such overtime labor.

Initial payment to the City of Denver will be made in advance, based on an estimate of time, personnel and equipment to be used by the permittee.  Any additional amount due will be billed on the last day of the shoot.

Airport Security

All weapons, ammunition, explosives and threatening props must be approved by airport management and appropriate police and/or fire officials before they will be allowed on airport property.

All doors or gates leading to the Airport Operations Area must be continuously guarded by Denver police officers or security personnel.


All pyrotechnic devices or explosives brought onto airport property must be approved by the Denver Fire Department.

Comprehensive Automobile Liability and Property Damage Insurance: $1 million combined and single limit per occurrence.

Films that require airfield access will be required to carry $10 million General Comprehensive and Property Damage insurance.

Comprehensive General Public Liability coverage shall include blanket contractual liability and shall include the City of Denver as an additional insured, with primary coverage as respects to the city.

Permittee shall carry and maintain sufficient Workman’s Compensation Insurance to fully guarantee its responsibilities under Colorado law and to protect the City of Denver from any claim whatsoever arising from the performance of work under the permit.


Permittee hereby agrees to release, defend, indemnify and save harmless the City of Denver, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, damages, suits, costs, expenses and liability, of any kind or nature whatsoever.

Repair and Maintenance

Permittee shall keep and maintain the premises in good order.  All areas shall be returned to their original condition, and any necessary repairs shall be made immediately upon the completion of the scene.

All cables, wires and cords placed upon the premises by the permittee shall be matted and taped.  Rubber trays or pads are required on the feet of all equipment.


Either party may, with or without cause, cancel and terminate this permit upon written notice thereof to the other party, which shall state the effective date of such cancellation and termination.

For more information contact the Global Communications & Marketing Division by e-mail or by phone at 720-583-5758.

Airport Promotional Photography of Passengers

The City and County of Denver, Department of Aviation (City) may on occasion take photographs and/or videos of patrons or events participants at the Denver International Airport (DEN), for use in print materials or by electronic methods, including but not limited to, the Fly Denver website and/or DEN social media accounts. Your entry into DEN or participation in DEN events grants permission for the City to use these photographs and/or video in its marketing and public relations efforts.

If you wish to be excluded from any photograph and/or video used by the City, please contact Global Communications and Marketing at [email protected] with the specific photograph and/or video you wish to be excluded from.