Photography and Videos

Airport B-roll and Photo Library

Still images and video b-roll produced by Denver International Airport are available for news, editorial and non-commercial use, with credit to Denver International Airport. All other uses fall under the airport's rules for commercial filming and photography.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Rules and Regulations for Commercial Film, Still Photography and Videotaping

These Rules and Regulations (“Rule”) apply to all commercial filming and photography (“Filming”) at Denver International Airport (DEN).  Individuals or firms wanting to produce films, still photography or videotape for commercial purposes at Denver International Airport must first contact DEN Global Communications and Marketing Office for permission. This Rule applies to Filming such as, but not limited to: feature films, television series, commercials, documentaries, corporate and student films, web-based media, and professional photography.

A complete script, storyboard or layout along with an application must be submitted to the Global Communications and Marketing Office at the time permission is requested. The Global Communications and Marketing Office will have the script, storyboard or layout approved by a DEN designee by the Airport Operations Division, and by any airport tenants that may be involved or impacted by the production. Please allow up to two weeks for review.

Film or videotape production managers may be required to participate in a walk-through with a DEN Global Communications and Marketing representative of the proposed production depending on the scope of the request before approval will be granted for the production to proceed. There will be a $50 charge for a pre-meeting/walk-through of the shooting locations upon approval and prior to Filming if they are post-security.  This fee will be subtracted from the total filming costs once the project is completed. No refunds will be given if the filming does not proceed.  


The fee for all commercial film, still photography or videotape productions is as follows:  

# of crew members

Total length of shoot

Filming rate in the terminal

Filming in a secured area

1-6 people

0-4 hours


$800 (includes escort)

1-6 people

5-8 hours


$1,400 (includes escort)

7+ people

0-4 hours

$800 (includes escort)

 Priced out based on Filming set-up

7+ people

5-8 hours

 $1,400 (includes escort)

 Priced out based on Filming set-up

Accredited journalists working on assignments for their respective employers are exempt from fee charges.

Non-profits can contact DEN for discounted Filming rates.

Site Use

DEN has the authority to grant or deny requests to photograph, film or record on Denver International Airport premises and to take exterior or interior films, photographs or videotapes.  In addition, in circumstances where the federal government, whether through the United States Department of Homeland Security or another authorized agency, DEN may suspend or prohibit commercial Filming. 

Pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, only ticketed persons, persons holding valid ID badges, or persons escorted by properly badged personnel are allowed beyond the security checkpoints. Law enforcement and DEN personnel have the authority to stop any unapproved Filming at any time. Ticketed persons are not exempt from the requirements of this Rule and may not conduct Filming activities unless they have complied with the requirements of this Rule.

Filming of airline or concession areas, including without limitation any third-party corporate name, business name, trade name, brand name, certification mark, distinguishing guise, trade dress, logos or other similar identifiers or indicia of a third-party, shall not be permitted without the express written consent of the affected third-party.  Filming access to any airline, concession or tenant area of DEN must be approved by both DEN and the appropriate airline, concession, or tenant. 

Use of any photograph, film or other visual image depicting a sign, logo or scene identifiable with DEN is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from DEN.

Any changes to airport signage for Filming activities must be prearranged and approved by DEN administration and the affected tenants. All substitute signage must be removed and all property must be restored to its original condition immediately after Filming.  Filming parties shall not remove, relocate, or in any way modify signage displayed as a requirement of any federal, state, or local law, rule, regulation, policy, or requirement or if such signage is deemed, in DEN’s sole discretion, to be necessary for airport operations.

DEN retains the right to halt any activity that is deemed to adversely impact the safety and security of airport operations, personnel and/or property. Activities not specially disclosed in the Filming Application will not be allowed without the prior consent of DEN.


The applicant also agrees to pay the standard rate for any city or airport equipment used during the shoot.

If Filming at DEN requires a temporary change to DEN’s security plan or associated processes, DEN requires that a regulatory security contractor be used.  This temporary change will be set up through a separate agreement with the security contractor and the applicant.    

Airport Security

All weapons, ammunition, explosives, pyrotechnic devices and threatening props must be approved by airport management and appropriate police and/or fire officials before they will be allowed on airport property.  However, most items on the TSA Prohibited Items page and the FAA Hazardous Materials page will not be allowed.  As well as any other item deemed as contraband by local law enforcement authorities, are not allowed to be in or introduced to the Secured, Sterile or any controlled areas without an approved demonstrated need. 

Filming of certain types of scenes, including breaches of security, aircraft crashes, use of firearms or replicas of firearms, explosions, smoke machines, car crashes, etc., is strictly prohibited.


The applicant shall comply with the insurance requirements stated in Part 230 of the DEN Airport Rules and Regulations at all times while on DEN premises for purposes of commercial operations.

DEN may require additional insurance based on the Filming activity. The Filming party name indicated on a submitted Certificate of Insurance must match the name on the film application.


The applicant hereby agrees to release, defend, indemnify and save harmless the City of Denver, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, damages, suits, costs, expenses and liability, of any kind or nature whatsoever.

Repair and Maintenance

The applicant shall keep and maintain the premises in good order.  All areas shall be returned to their original condition, and any necessary repairs shall be made immediately upon the completion of the scene.

All cables, wires and cords placed upon the premises by the applicant shall be matted and taped.  Rubber trays or pads are required on the feet of all equipment.


Either party may, with or without cause, cancel and terminate the applicant’s access upon written notice thereof to the other party, which shall state the effective date of such cancellation and termination.

For more information contact the Global Communications & Marketing Division by e-mail or by phone at 720-583-5758.