Peña Boulevard: Traffic Impacts

Traffic Impacts

  • There are no traffic impacts related to the Peña Blvd. project at this time

Relocated Return to Terminal Route

The Return-to-Terminal route has been relocated. Previously, drivers departing the airport on outbound Peña Boulevard could return to the terminal by using the left lane exit on the east side of the Mustang sculpture; the route is relocated to Jackson Gap Street. 

Now, in order to return to the airport, drivers will follow Peña Boulevard to the Jackson Gap Street exit. The Return-to-Terminal route utilizes a new free-flow ramp at Jackson Gap to return to inbound Peña Boulevard. 

Those picking up passengers at the airport are STRONGLY encouraged to wait in DEN’s cell phone waiting lot at Final Approach until their friends and family have arrived at the Level 4 passenger pick-up area. Final Approach and the cell phone waiting lot can be easily accessed by exiting inbound Peña Boulevard at 75th Avenue and following signs to the lot.

Additionally, due to construction-related lane closures, drivers headed to the terminal on inbound Peña Blvd. should stay in the dedicated east-side or west-side lanes:

  • Drivers should use the left lane if they are picking up or dropping off passengers at Terminal West or parking in Economy Parking

  • Drivers should use the right lane if they are picking up or dropping off passengers at Terminal East

  • All airlines and security checkpoints are accessible from Terminal West and Terminal East

​***New Return to Terminal route and what to expect:


During construction:

  • Allow yourself extra time before your flight

  • Follow posted speed limits 

  • Be cautious of construction activity and workers

  • Pay attention to all signage

  • Avoid distractions while driving