Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great Hall Project?

More than two decades after opening, the Great Hall beneath the iconic tented roof of Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Jeppesen Terminal needs updating to address today’s aviation needs. The Great Hall Project will include upgrades to Jeppesen Terminal, including restrooms and other infrastructure that is now 25 years old.  Through these renovations, DEN is committed to delivering a path to long-term growth and Phase 1 is the first step in enabling future work. 

Why is this Great Hall Project Needed?

The airport is more than 25-years old and is not only in need of an upgrade, but expanding infrastructure to handle future growth. Prior to the start of the project, the terminal was showing its wear and tear over with cracked floors and failing and outdated systems. Additionally, we far surpassed the orginally capacity of the terminal which was 50 million annual passengers, making it more challenging on airport operations and passengers. This project is increasing capacity of the airport by repurposing spaces and adding square footage as well as making critical upgrades.

Why is the South Checkpoint Being Moved as Part of Phase 2?

The primary reason for the project is to create a safer, more secure checkpoint for passenger screening. Building a new checkpoint on Level 6 with enhanced technology allow us to do that!

Is the project creating a shopping mall in the terminal?

This project has changed immensely over the last two years and DEN is NOT building a shopping mall. Much of the original retail space in the orignal design has been removed from the project. There will still be places to buy food and essentials, but the project now strictly focuses on improving passenger flow, operational efficiency and increasing capacity.

What is the timeline for construction?

On Feb. 18, 2020, the Denver City Council approved the general contractor/construction management contract with Hensel Phelps to complete Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project. Construction resumed in March 2020.

Phase 1 - Completion by Q4 2021

Phase 2 – Completion by mid-2024

Great Hall Completion Phase - Completion by 2028

Who is the general contractor for the project?

Hensel Phelps is the general contractor for both Phases I and 2.    

What concessions will be added to the new areas?

Phase 1 will have two new coffee concessions on Level 6 in the check-in area: Kabod Coffee on the west side of Level 6 and Caribou Coffee on the east side of Level 6. Space will eventually be located for concessionaires that were contracted with the previous developer. Any leftover space will go out for RFP (Request for Proposal). 

Are we getting new art in the terminal, and if so when?

We are getting new art. When and where it will be unveiled is yet to be determined.

Will customers exit the trains the same as today?

Yes. Arriving passengers will still exit the trains the same way.  DEN is looking for the best ways to serve the meeter/greeter area, as well as more than 35,000 badged DEN employees.

Is this a taxpayer-funded project?

DEN is an enterprise of the City and County of Denver, so no taxpayer money is used from the city's general fund for any projects or operations at the airport.

What is the status of the contract with Great Hall Partners?

In 2017, DEN entered into a 34-year contract with Great Hall Partners (GHP) to renovate the terminal and manage defined areas after completion of construction. Construction began in July 2018. In August 2019, DEN was no longer confident that GHP could deliver this complex project while maintaining the operations. As a result, DEN terminated the contract. 

It is still necessary to renovate the aging infrastructure of the terminal and DEN will continue with the project to provide a quality facility for our passengers and to accommodate the demand of our airline partners.

DEN is encouraging the contractors to meet Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise goals. Are there consequences if they don't meet them?

All contractors working on the Great Hall Project have significant MWBE goals.  DEN is tracking progress against these goals on its monthly dashboard.  DEN will maintain vigilance throughout the project.  Any non-compliance is governed by the Denver-wide ordinance managed by the Division of Small Business Opportunity (DSBO).