New Construction Walls are Installed in the Northeast Portion of Level 6 to Accommodate Construction of Second New Security Checkpoint

New construction walls have been installed in the northeast corner of Level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal to continue construction of the second new security checkpoint. This area of the terminal will be under construction until the completion of the new checkpoint by mid-2026.

  • The corridor along the curbside doors on the east side of Level 6 is completely closed between doors 601 and 605. A pathway to and from the Bridge Security and the north end of the terminal is still available from the corridor on the east side closest to the North Security Checkpoint as depicted in the map.
  • Level 6 is not accessible via the elevators located at door 601. Access to all other levels via these elevators will remain open. The elevators near door 605 will remain operational to all levels.
  • There are currently no restrooms available on the northend of Level 6. Restrooms are located directly below on Level 5 or on Level 6 between doors 608 and 610 or 609 and 611.

All security checkpoints remain operational and there will always be a corridor open to access the north end of the terminal as well as the Bridge Security. Passengers are strongly encouraged to check live TSA wait times to help them choose the most efficient checkpoint.

The construction walls in the northeast corner of the Terminal will remain in place in various configurations until the Level 6 East Checkpoint is complete in mid-2026. The Level 6 West Checkpoint, currently under construction, will be complete in Q1 2024.

Level 6 West Closures

Access to the northwest corner of Level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal is currently closed for construction of the new West Security Checkpoint, which will be complete in Q1 2024.

Passenger Impacts

  • The entire northwest corner of Level 6 around Pod 9 between Doors 600 and 604 is closed and no longer accessible (please note that no airlines are currently operating in this area).
  • The passenger elevators at the far northwest end of the Terminal will remain operational between Levels 1-5. There will be no access to Level 6 so passengers should use the elevators near Door 606.

General Tips

Please note the following tips to help keep your terminal experience as smooth as possible during construction:

  • Check before you head to DEN. Delays are expected to be minimal for travelers during the construction, but we encourage you to check for information about flights before you arrive at the airport
  • Follow the signs. The terminal will look different from what you may be used to. Make sure to pay attention as you travel through the terminal and use posted signage to help you navigate around construction
  • When in doubt, ask for help. Find a friendly DEN Ambassador or customer service agent wearing a blue vest, or any airport employee you see wearing a badge