Construction is still in progress on Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project. Currently, most of the work is in the center of the terminal and will not impact security screening or check-in processes at this time. However, construction walls are in place on Level 5 and Level 6, which may require additional time to navigate from the check-in counters to security. Due to the construction, you cannot walk through the middle of the terminal on Level 6. Instead, you need to detour through the baggage claim area on Level 5. Yellow signage and QR codes have been installed to help passengers navigate during construction.

In March 2020, Hensel Phelps began their general contractor/construction management contract with DEN and resumed construction of Phase 1. Phase 1 of the project will complete the work in the center of the terminal and includes:

  • Completing demolition in the center of the terminal on Level 6
  • Constructing new airline ticket counters in the center of Level 6
  • Widening the balconies on Level 6
  • Adding two new restrooms on both the east and west sides
  • Upgrades to existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure

Phase 1 is scheduled to be complete by Q4 of 2021.

General Tips

Please note the following tips to help keep your terminal experience as smooth as possible during construction:

  • Check before you head to DEN. Delays are expected to be minimal for travelers during the construction, but we encourage you to check for information about flights before you arrive at the airport
  • Follow the signs. The terminal will look different from what you may be used to. Make sure to pay attention as you travel through the terminal and use posted signage to help you navigate around construction
  • When in doubt, ask for help. Find a friendly DEN Ambassador or customer service agent wearing a blue vest, or any airport employee you see wearing a badge


The actual check-in process has not changed, but we recommend that departing travelers go directly to the designated airline drop-off area at curbside for the easiest access. When you arrive, follow the signs posted on Peña Boulevard to your airline’s designated passenger drop-off area on either the east or west side. Below is a list of airlines and which door(s) you should enter to access your airline ticket counter.


Doors 600, 602 and 604: Aeromexico, Air Canada, Allegiant, American Airlines, British Airways, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines, Denver Air Connection, Edelweiss, Icelandair, jetBlue, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Sun Country, Volaris and West Jet

Doors 612, 614 and 616: United Airlines


Doors 601, 603, and 605: Boutique Air, Delta, Frontier, and Spirit 

Doors 613, 615, and 617: Alaska and Southwest

You can always find an updated list of airline ticket counters here.


Security Checkpoints

Access is still available to all security checkpoints – the north and south checkpoints, as well as the A-Bridge checkpoint. If you are coming from the south end of the terminal, you can reach north security and the A-Bridge checkpoint by walking through the baggage claim area on Level 5. Please note, once you reach the north end of the terminal, you will have to go to Level 6 to access the A-Bridge checkpoint. Follow the yellow signage to the checkpoint of your choice. 


Ground Transportation

Ground transportation options such as taxis and rental car shuttles still pick up on Level 5 on the east and west side. Ride app pickup (Lyft/Uber) is on Island 5 on the east and west side of Level 5.  

Inside the terminal, the information counters for Epic Mountain Express, Groome, and SuperShuttle are located on Level 5 on the northeast side near north security. All rental car counters have been removed. If you have a car reservation, go directly to east or west side of Level 5 and follow signage to your rental car shuttle. For reservations, please call the rental company of your choice to check availability. 


Commuter Rail to Denver

Access to the RTD commuter rail to downtown Denver is still available from Level 5 of the terminal. Walk along the baggage claim corridor on Level 5 toward the Westin (south end), exit the terminal onto the Plaza and take the escalator down to Level 1 of the transit center. Elevators are also available inside the Westin for passengers with large luggage, strollers or pets.


Concessions & Services

Due to construction, the restaurants in the middle of the terminal have closed leaving limited dining options available. However, Subway, Red Rocks and Boulder Tap House on Level 5 and Cantina Grill on Level 6 remain open. Tom's Urban, Grill & Vine, and Ingredients at the Westin hotel and transit center across the Plaza from the terminal are also available dining options. Einstein Bros. Bagels and Caribou Coffee have tuk-tuks located on Level 5 near arrivals. Additionally, there are many shopping and dining options on the concourses for arriving and departing passengers. 

The following concessions and services are still open in the terminal and at the Westin:


Post Office

The U.S. Post Office on Level 6 West is now closed. USPS mailboxes are located Level 1 on the west side by doors 104/106. DEN does still offer the following mail services throughout the airport:

  • U.S. Post Office drop boxes on A, B and C concourses
  • Stamp sales and money orders at Money Exchange locations in Jeppesen Terminal and A and B concourses
  • Stamps are also available at SkyMarket locations on B and C concourses
  • FedEx drop box on B and C concourses
  • UPS drop box on B and C concourses

For passengers who enter security with prohibited items and need to mail them, that option will still be available directly at the TSA checkpoints via Airport Mailers. TSA representatives will provide information to passengers as needed. The DEN U.S. Post Office was a sub-station of the Montbello Station Post Office. Customers can contact this office at (303) 371-8783 for information about applicable P.O. Box refunds. To find other U.S.P.S. locations, visit



Restrooms are located on Level 5 on both the north and south ends of the terminal, and on Level 6 on the north end of the terminal as well as near Public Service Credit Union and Cantina. The easiest way to get from one end of the Jeppesen Terminal to the other is to walk through the baggage claim areas on both sides of Level 5. If you need assistance, please ask a customer service agent or Ambassador.


DEN’s Infamous Art

To keep DEN’s unique and controversial artwork safe during construction, we’re working with the artists and art restoration experts to temporarily relocate and store all the artwork from the terminal. But don’t worry, it will return eventually once the project is complete. In addition, there will be significant opportunities for new art as part of the Great Hall Project.