Program Benefits

B-West outdoor deck with views of the runways and mountains

The Gate Expansion Program accommodates the current and future growth of DEN for both passengers and airlines, and improves the traveler experience at the airport. Check out the benefits of the projects: 

  • 39 gates across three concourses, increasing gate capacity by 30%
  • Increase overall airport capacity
  • Add more passenger amenities including dining and shopping options, a variety of comfortable seating choices, charging stations and outdoor decks
  • Replace existing ground loading facilities and add airline support space (i.e. office space, baggage handling areas)
  • Meet the needs of our airline partners who have committed to increasing their operations at DEN 
  • Accommodate new airlines interested in establishing operations at DEN in the future, including international carriers.
  • The expansion of current airlines and the accommodation of new airlines will give passengers extended travel options at DEN, providing more choices through new destinations and airline opportunities.
  • Advance sustainability efforts at DEN through additions that are projected to use about 30% less energy than a typical airport building with the following savings measures:
    • 40% artificial interior lighting reduction
    • Reduced artificial exterior lighting
    • Increased natural daylight
    • Energy recovery of exhaust air and outdoor air
    • Photovoltaic energy generation