Women's Bean Project

Women’s Bean Project
December 2016 to February 2017
Jeppesen Terminal
Northeast corner of Level 5

Denver International Airport (DEN) presents its newest art exhibit, Women’s Bean Project, connecting travelers with a unique Denver-based nonprofit organization geared toward creating transitional jobs for women who have been chronically unemployed and impoverished. The exhibit is located at the northeast end of the Jeppesen Terminal on Level 5, and runs from December 2016 through February 2017.


The photographic images feature women from the Women’s Bean Project and showcases educational information about how this nonprofit organization serves as a transitional job training program for women. The exhibit display cases also contain samples of the gourmet food and recipes, along with lovingly handmade packages and jewelry that are made by Women’s Bean Project participants and sold across the country. The nationally recognized enterprise provides women with immediate income, arranges support services to overcome barriers to employment, and teaches the job readiness and life skills needed to get and keep a job. Colorful imagery and inspirational success stories are key ingredients to this impactful and uplifting exhibit.

Photo Gallery

About the Artist

In 1989, Women’s Bean Project started with the idea of providing a safe and accepting work environment to teach women job skills and increase their chances of moving on to self-sufficiency. Today, the Bean Project functions as a stepping stone for success for more than 70 women a year. Women are employed by the Bean Project in our gourmet food and handmade jewelry manufacturing businesses. To learn more about the Women’s Bean Project visit www.womensbeanproject.com.