Water in All its States (L’eau dans tous ses états)

Yann Kersalé
Hotel & Transit Center
Levels 1 Train Hall and 5 canopies and central escalators

Paris-based light artist Yann Kersalé was selected for a $1 million commission to provide a lighting design for the Train Hall and Level 5 canopies and a unique video-based installation inside the escalator connecting the Public Transit Center to the Level 5 plaza.

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Kersalé is an internationally-acclaimed artist who works with light as his primary medium, and he has worked on public and private projects all over the world. Yann Kersalé seeks out creative projects with specific sociological, historical, geographic or architectural elements and, from there, he extracts and expresses narrative themes through light. He redefines a place by technical means, but his light sculptures create luminous fictions in urban areas, poetic wanders in nature.