Facing the Wind

WindDancer Foundation
October 2015 to March 2016
A Gates
Y-Juncture Gallery, located past the A-security checkpoint

"Facing the Wind’ Showcased Wild Mustangs and Burros at Denver International Airport

Facing the Wind, showcased a series of large-scale color images of America’s wild horses and burros from 18 different photographers.

According to Michael Golembeski, director and founder of the WindDancer Foundation, Facing the Wind provided travelers with an opportunity to experience the wild horses that live on our public lands in 10 western states. Along with the Native Americans and the bison, the wild horse remains one of the great symbols of the American West. Always colorful characters in the wild and the object of many tales, they hold an invaluable place in the unfolding of America’s history. The WindDancer Foundation coordinated with 18 artists to create the exhibition: Katie Simpson, Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott, John Wagner, Pat Brennan, Gail deMonet, Bristol MacDonald, Mark Terrell, Lynne Pomeranz, Tony Stromberg, Lee Mitchelson, Tamara Rymer, Barbara and Marty Wheeler, Kimerlee Curyl, Lisa Dearing, Tamara Gooch and Joe Tosh.



About the WindDancer Foundation:

The WindDancer Foundation believes that education can generate the interest and enthusiasm that inspires others to revere and preserve our wild horses and their habitat. The foundation was formed in 2009 and founder/director Michael Golembeski has been involved with the wild horses and burro living on public lands since 1990. His educational background is in EPOP biology and includes an educational profile in "Environmental & Wildlife Ecology."