Colorado Scenic & Historic Byways

Colorado Scenic Byways Program
May 2018 to October 2018
A Gates
Y-Juncture Gallery, located past the A-security checkpoint

Colorado’s scenic byways were the stars of this art exhibit, featuring breathtaking color photography of several unique, majestic and rare Colorado locations.

Passengers were able to journey through the photographic collection to see such locations as Rattlesnake Arches Trail, the Steel Bridge on Phantom Canyon Road, or the highest paved road in north America, to name a few. The exhibit represented each of the byways located in 48 of Colorado’s 65 counties, 11 of which are nationally recognized for their outstanding scenic and historic attributions. Colorado hase the most designated byways in the U.S., so this venturesome exhibit along highways and backroads revealed more than just suggested road trips. It was a true Colorado experience.

Photo Gallery


Colorado’s Scenic Byways program is a statewide partnership intended to provide recreational, educational and economic benefits to Coloradans and visitors. This system of outstanding touring routes in Colorado affords the traveler interpretation and identification of key points of interest and services while providing for the protection of significant resources. The byways unite communities and the stories of their collective past.

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