Economic and Operational Excellence

Denver International Airport (DEN) is Colorado’s primary economic engine, generating more than $36 billion in annual economic impact for the state. Investing in sustainability ensures decision-making that will help the airport continue to thrive in the future. Sustainable decisions made today help promote success by minimizing long-term costs, reducing regulatory impacts, increasing investment returns and preparing the airport for future opportunities while limiting potential risks.

Aerobahn and De-icing Manager

In 2013, DEN deployed the Saab Sensis Aerobahn Surface Management System that provides airport operations managers with real-time information about aircraft deicing operations. This system improves environmental performance, enhances operational efficiency and reduces ground delays. Although the Aerobahn system is implemented in a handful of U.S. airports, DEN worked with Saab Sensis to integrate the system with our deicing operations. This Deicing Manager, in tandem with the existing software, allows DEN to manage deicing and snow removal activities more efficiently by optimizing timing and communication, reducing queue times and burning less fuel on the deicing pads and runways. DEN customized the program for its own operations while playing a key role in the development of a Deicing Manager application that could be used at any airport throughout the world.

Financial Performance Metrics 

Noise Management