Operation and Control

The City of Denver owns and operates Denver International Airport. Under the city charter, the management, operation and control of Denver International Airport is delegated to the city's Department of Aviation. Denver's mayor appoints a manager to direct the Department of Aviation, and the manager reports directly to the mayor.

Denver has designated the department as an "enterprise" as defined by the Colorado Constitution, and the department has the authority to issue its own revenue bonds or other financial obligations in the name of the city.

Read more in the City Charter. Search by keyword "aviation" or "airport system."

Advisory Committee

DEN has an Airport Management Advisory Committee to advise the airport and the Mayor about management, policy and strategic planning. The committee will further the airport’s efforts to sharpen its business focus and remain competitive in an evolving global industry.


Chief Executive Officer, Phillip A. Washington

General Counsel, Scott McCoy

Chief of Staff, Cristal DeHerrera

Chief Operating Officer, Steve Jaquith

Chief Financial Officer, Sylvester Lavender

Interim Chief Commercial Officer, Penny May