Why is the Airport constructing a hotel on-site? What other sources of non-airline revenue is the Airport exploring?

An on-Airport hotel is an appropriate amenity for a world class airport like DIA. The development of a hotel that is integrated with the terminal facilities at DIA will serve the needs of the traveling public and the business community. The planned hotel includes a meeting/business center to maximize the opportunities for large scale meetings and conferences. Several other on-airport hotels have been successfully developed in recent years, including ones at Detroit, Orlando, and Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Other opportunities to enhance non-airline revenue at DIA are limited by the Intergovernmental Agreement with Adams County; however, within the limits of that agreement, DIA is exploring activities and opportunities for increasing revenue without increasing the burden on airlines operating at the Airport. Although no decisions have been made, potential opportunities include retail stores, a dog kennel, and a golf course.

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