What is the status of a train to the Airport from Downtown? Would there be multiple stops at the Airport to access other facilities besides the terminal (e.g. rental cars)?

The FasTracks East Corridor rail line, linking DIA with downtown Denver, is currently under environmental review. Design is projected to begin in 2009, with construction starting in 2011, and completion of the FasTracks East Corridor is scheduled for 2015. In addition to the rail stop planned at the terminal building, current planning includes one rail stop adjacent to DIA property near 40th Avenue and Peña Boulevard. There are currently no stops planned to serve Airport facilities, however, the Airport is considering the ultimate development of a landside people mover system that would link rental car, parking and other landside facilities.

The FasTracks system will include a station in the airport terminal building that will be planned to accommodate up to six rail tracks. Two tracks will be used to support FasTracks activity. Additionally, two tracks will be reserved for a potential future landside people mover, and an additional two tracks will be reserved to accommodate potential future high speed rail service at the Airport. For more information on FasTracks and the East Corridor, please visit www.rtd-fastracks.com or http://www.eastcorridor.com.

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