10:26 p.m. Denver time
Saturday, October 25, 2014

Virtual Tours

Have you seen the terminal roof from the top? Or the airfield ramp from a tower? Take a tour - a virtual tour of the airport from intriguing perspectives.

Jeppesen Terminal Passenger Arrivals

Put yourself smack in the middle of Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal. It’s unlike any airport building you’ve seen. You’re surrounded by the daily bustle of the fifth-busiest airport in the United States. Above you - some 126 feet over the atrium - is the iconic fiberglass roof.

Concourse B Ramp Tower

Experience a 360-degree panorama from Denver International Airport’s B Ramp Tower. You’ll have the same view that DIA and United Airlines operations personnel have as they coordinate aircraft gate assignments and sequence push-backs at the airport’s three concourses.

Jeppesen Terminal Roof Peaks

What’s it like to be on the summit of one of Colorado’s snow-capped mountains? Something like being atop one of the 34 peaks of Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal roof. Be an eagle on this virtual tour, and survey the airport from a perch on high.

Passenger Bridge to A Gates

You’ve probably heard of the bridge to nowhere. Well, DIA has a bridge to somewhere—from Jeppesen Terminal to A Gates, to be exact. Our 365-foot bridge arches over an active taxiway, so if you cross it before or after a flight, you’ll likely see an aircraft taxi right beneath you, and you’ll be doing something unique in the United States. No other U.S. airport has such a bridge. Click on the link that follows to see a 360-degree interior view of the bridge.