7:34 a.m. Denver time
Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There are numerous ground transportation options available at Denver International Airport. The Ground Transportation Information Counter is located in the central area on Level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal. Counter hours are 6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily.

Services include:

Contact Ground Transportation at (303) 342-4059 or by e-mail.

Ground transportation information is subject to change at any time. Listed commercial carriers are registered to do business at Denver International Airport. The airport does not endorse any commercial company, nor does it guarantee price, availability, or service related to any commercial company.


All rental car companies at DIA are located on airport property, but are away from the main terminal. Each rental company provides a courtesy shuttle to and from Jeppesen Terminal from its location. All courtesy shuttles pick up and drop off on level five of both the east and west sides of the Jeppesen Terminal. Please follow the overhead signage for the appropriate pick-up location. More »


Hotel shuttles are provided as a courtesy by most of the hotels within the immediate vicinity of the airport. Other hotels further from the airport also provide courtesy shuttles, but many direct their guests to use other transport services. Please check directly with your hotel to determine if it has a shuttle available. More »

Public Transportation

Public bus service is scheduled and provided within the local metro area by the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Please contact RTD directly for information on specific routes, schedules and fares. More »


Taxis are available at DIA and provide passenger transport service within the eight counties that make up the Denver metro area. Some companies may also provide service to other destinations within the state of Colorado. Check with your taxi company of choice or directly with your driver at the airport for more information on fares and destinations served. More »

Luxury Limousines

Luxury limousines offer pre-arranged services to destinations within the Denver metro area and within the state of Colorado. Please contact your limo company directly or talk to your driver upon arrival for more information about fares and destinations served. More »


Commuter shuttles, also known as shared ride services, operate regularly from DIA. Individual operators may provide pre-scheduled, on-demand, and / or charter services for locations within the Denver Metro area and other locations within the state of Colorado. Some providers may also provide service to locations outside the state. Please contact a shuttle provider directly for more information on fees and destinations served. More »

Mountain Carriers

Mountain carriers individually provide pre-scheduled, charter, and some on-demand shuttle and/or coach services to many of Colorado’s ski and resort areas. Please contact a service provider directly for more information on pricing and available destinations. More »


Charter bus services to various locations within Colorado and surrounding states are available and provided upon a pre-arranged basis by many different operators. Please contact your charter bus company of choice for additional information on pricing and availability. More »

Did You Know?

Lounge 5280

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