What are your earth friendly parking options?

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Denver International Airport has a total of 36 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available close-in on Level 1 of the parking garages. The spaces have designated “Electric Vehicle Station” signs. There is no charge to use the stations, however, the standard garage parking rates apply. The station locations are listed below:

Parking Facility

Charging Station Locations

Garage West, Level 1

Rows E, F, G 
15 total Level 1 EV Charging Stations
10 total Level 2 EV Charging Stations

Garage East, Level 1

Rows E, F (5); Row R (6)
11 total Level 1 EV Charging Stations

61st and Peña

Along the south and west sides
11 total EV Charging Stations










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