Public Art

Art for the Hotel and Transit Center enhances three main public areas: the train arrival area, the escalator that ascends from the train hall to the plaza, and the open-air plaza.  All pieces have aspects that reflect the region, enriching the 'sense of place' at the airport and adding pleasure and serenity to the traveling experience.

“Field of Air” by Ned Kahn

Open-air plaza between Jeppesen Terminal and Westin Denver International Airport

Kahn’s kinetic work graces major private and public institutions worldwide and is the recipient of a Macarthur “Genius” Award. His past work is focused on this concept of making discreet natural forces visible through mechanics. For his artwork at DIA, Kahn was inspired by the way the grasses of the plains expose the invisible force of the wind. Each of the thousands of individual blades are made from brushed aluminum and hinged so that the fascinating play of air on the plaza becomes a contemplative or even meditative backdrop to activity.

"Shadow Array” by Patrick Marold

Train platform exterior

Denver artist Patrick Marold created a large-scale installation to enhance the expansive landscape area around the public transit station. The sculpture, titled “Shadow Array,” consists of 236 beetle-kill spruce logs from southern Colorado, which will create an active experience for travelers as they enter and exit the valley by train, while also providing a dynamic panorama from the hotel and public spaces to the south of the plaza. The shadows and patterns created by the sculpture will change and shift according to the seasons, daily passage of the sun and with evening lighting.

“L’eau dans tous ses êtats” or “Water in all of its states” by Yann Kersalé

Canopies and escalators

Paris-based light artist Yann Kersalé artwork provides a lighting design for the train and Level 5 canopies, and a unique video-based art installation for the escalator connecting the Public Transit Center to the Level 5 open-air plaza. His work will be revealed when the escalator to the commuter rail line opens in early 2016.

The public art project for The Westin Hotel thanks the Denver’s Percent for Art Program requirement for public facilities. Denver’s Public Art Ordinance directs one percent of construction dollars on projects over $1 million be set aside for artwork to be integrated into the site.

Follow this link to see the public art locations at DEN’s new hotel and transit center: Art Locations

Hotel Interior Public Art

The public spaces inside of the Westin Hotel are filled with work from local Colorado-based artists that have been invited to create two-dimensional installations. Here are the artists and their works:

Mindy Bray (Denver, Colo.)

Untitled Mural

Level 1 Hotel Entrance Hallway

Mindy bray was commissioned to create a mural (as yet to be designed) for the long hallway at the entrance to the Westin Hotel.

Wopo Holup (Lyons, Colo.)

Untitled Artwork -

Level 2 Pre-function Area, West Wall

Wopo Holup was commissioned to produce a series of canvases to grace the west wall of the Westin Conference Center pre-function area. 

Heather Patterson (Grand Junction, Colo.)

Untitled Artwork

Level 2 Pre-function Area, East Wall

Patterson was commissioned to produce a series of canvases to grace the west wall of the Westin Conference Center pre-function area.

Hotel Room and Corridor Art

In the private rooms and corridors of the Westin Hotel, the work of eight Colorado-based artists and photographers are featured. Artists include:

  • Bonny Lhotka, Boulder, Colo.
  • Brenda Biondo, Manitou Springs, Colo.
  • Gayle Waterman, Basalt, Colo.
  • Jane Guthridge,  Denver, Colo.
  • John Boak, Denver, Colo.
  • Kate Zari Roberts, Longmont, Colo.
  • Nancy Myer, Denver, Colo.
  • Robert Newman, Lakewood, Colo.