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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get airport information or receive help, such as paging someone or finding a hotel, rental car, or taxicab?

The Denver International Airport (DIA) Customer Service staff and our Hospitality Ambassadors program are here to help you navigate the airport smoothly.  They can direct you to gates, baggage carousels, shops, restaurants, ground transportation, and other services. There are several ways to get information and help.

From outside the airport:

  • Call (303) 342-2000, or the airport’s toll-free number, (800) AIR-2-DEN [(800) 247 2336].

From inside the airport:

  • Use one of our white courtesy telephones, which are located throughout the airport.
  • Go to an information booth. You can find a booth in Jeppesen Terminal and in each concourse – in a central location.
  • Talk to one of the airport’s friendly hospitality ambassadors, who are identifiable by their white cowboy hats and leather vests. Ambassadors are stationed throughout the airport. 

What can I carry with me on my flight?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Web site provides a current list of items that are restricted on flights. Visit: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/index.shtm

What kind of identification do I need to get on my flight?

Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show a U.S. federal or state-issued photo ID in order to be allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto their flight. This is most typically a state driver’s license, or a passport. All airlines have established policies regarding acceptable identification documentation. For the most current information, contact your airline, the TSA, or review the TSA Web site information at: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/acceptable_documents.shtm.

When should I plan on arriving at the airport before my flight?

Every travel experience is different and it is important for travelers to understand the time requirements involved in a trip. Travelers should contact their airline to ask about cut-off times for checking bags, and to find out how many minutes the airline expects travelers to be at the gate prior to departure. Call (303) 342-8477 for current wait times at DIA security screening.

How can I escort someone to or from their gate?

In certain circumstances, the TSA makes an exception to the "ticketed-passengers-only" rule for gate access. The exception applies to people who need to escort an unaccompanied minor passenger, an elderly passenger, or a traveler who is physically challenged.

Contact your passenger’s airline to find out its policy. Usually, an airline reservations agent can help you make the arrangements, which will involve getting a "demonstrated need" pass from the airline.

What kind of accessibility services are available at DIA?

Please see our Accessible parking information on the About Parking page. Detailed information is available on our "Accessibility" page. More »

Can I get a wheelchair to help me to or from my flight?

Airlines at DIA are responsible for providing wheelchairs and electric cart service for their customers. You can request this service from an airline in advance or at the ticket counter when you check in.

Where can I meet my arriving party at DIA?

Because only ticketed passengers may go to airline gates – except for people escorting a passenger who is elderly, a minor, or an individual with disabilities – you must meet arriving passengers in Jeppesen Terminal.

Most people meet arriving travelers in the central area of Jeppesen Terminal, on level 5, in front of the exits marked "Arrivals."

You also can meet an arriving passenger as he or she leaves the secure area of the pedestrian bridge (Terminal Level 6) at the security screening area.

Another meeting point is at the baggage claim carousels (remember they are divided between Terminal West and Terminal East, according to airline).

To meet passengers who are arriving on an international flight, go to level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal. DIA’s International Arrivals area is at the north end of the terminal, near the north security checkpoint and the large bronze statue of aviator Elrey Jeppesen.

Does DIA have baggage storage?

No, the airport does not have a baggage storage service.

What forms of public transportation serve the airport?

Regional Transportation District (RTD) SkyRide express buses link DIA to destinations throughout the metropolitan area. Visit www.rtd-denver.com for schedules, fares, and service area information.

Taxis, limousines, shuttles, and car rental companies provide alternative transportation. Please see the "Ground Transportation" section. More »

Are there ATMs or a bank at DIA?

You will find Co-Op Network ATMs located throughout the terminal and concourses.

The Public Service Credit Union has a branch office at DIA. Located on Level 6 in the Jeppesen Terminal atrium, the PSCU is a full-service financial institution offering many products and services, including savings, checking, loans, mortgages, home banking, travelers' checks, and money orders.

Through its affiliation with the Credit Union Shared Branching Network, the PSCU can offer any member of another credit union easy access to his or her own credit union account.

Please see our "Credit Union and ATMs" page for more details: More »

Where is the Lost and Found?

DIA’s Lost and Found office is located on the north end of Jeppesen Terminal, on level 5, near International Arrivals. The Lost and Found office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. To inquire about an item lost at an airport location (restaurant, bathroom, security screening, etc.) call (303) 342-4062 (menu option 3), or (800) AIR-2DEN (menu option 4).

Personal items lost while in flight or at an airline gate are collected and held for claim by the operating airline. Lost luggage is also held for claim by airline companies.

Please see our "Lost and Found" page for more details: More »

Does DIA have free Wi-Fi service?

Denver International Airport has two FREE Wi-Fi options.

OPTION 1: DEN Airport Free Wi-Fi

This service is used for any wireless device used to connect to Denver International Airport’s free Wi-Fi service.

To get online, follow these simple steps:

  • Verify your wireless connection is enabled or on
  • Locate the connection named, “DEN Airport Free WiFi.” Select this network and click “Connect”
  • Open an internet browser to see the DEN Airport welcome page

If you are having trouble making a connection to DEN Airport Free Wi-Fi, e-mail DENAirportWIFI@flydenver.com.

OPTION 2: Boingo

Boingo Wireless provides free and premium Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the airport.

To get online, follow these simple steps:

  • Use SSID “Boingo Hotspot”
  • Launch your Internet browser
  • Select a plan – Free Wi-Fi for Web browsing or super-fast Wi-Fi for power users!

If you are having trouble making a connection to Boingo, call (800) 880-4117 for customer support.

Additional information about both options of free Wi-Fi is available at airport information booths.

Where can I take my pet for exercise or relief?

DIA has one designated pet-relief area located outside Jeppesen Terminal on level 2 west, not far from Door 200. Pets can use this enclosed area for relief or exercise. The area is wheelchair accessible.

Connecting passengers who want to use the pet area should plan on at least 30 minutes of travel time to the terminal and back to their airline gate (factor in the time needed to go through security screening again). Because of security restrictions, no pet area is available outside our concourses.

Visit the "Pet Relief Area" page for more details. More »

How can I learn about jobs and employment at DIA?

Approximately 30,000 people work in many different industries and professions at DIA.

The Denver Division of Workforce Development provides employment assistance for positions within the DIA community. To review job postings and apply for a job, please visit www.ConnectingColorado.com and type “DIA” in the city field. You also may call the DIA Denver Workforce Center at (303) 342-2590.

Another source for job listings is on the City and County of Denver’s Web site at www.DenverGov.org/Jobs. DIA is owned and operated by the City and County of Denver, and the Career Service Authority (CSA) is the hiring agency.

Airlines that operate at DIA recruit and hire for themselves so a good starting point is at each airline’s corporate Web site. A list of airlines operating at DIA and their respective Web sites can be found at www.Flydenver.com/Airlines.

Finally, DIA has a business-oriented Web site where job seekers can find more information about business and employment opportunities at Business.Flydenver.com/Info/Employ.

Where can I park at DIA?

DIA has more than 40,000 public parking spaces offering a variety of choices to meet your needs. Parking facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and include:

  • NEW! DIA Reserved Parking is now available in East and West Garages
  • Garage, Valet and Short Term parking, conveniently located just outside the terminal;
  • Economy parking, the surface lots adjacent to the parking garages within walking distance or by free shuttle; or
  • Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking, your most economical choice located on-site, with shuttle service every 10 minutes.

More »

Are reservations required to park at DIA?

No, reservations are not required to park at DIA parking facilities; however, you can save time by reserving a parking space in the East or West Garage at www.DIAReservedParking.com. For questions call (866) 330-7275.

More »

Is there a place to park for free while waiting to pick up an arriving passenger?

The Cell Phone Waiting Lot is a place where a driver can wait in their car for an arriving passenger free of charge. This area is called a "Cell Phone Waiting Lot" because arriving passengers usually notify the person picking them up via cell phone. The waiting area is located approximately three miles from Jeppesen Terminal along the north side of Peña Boulevard on 77th Avenue. More »

What does DIA do if airplane noise disturbs neighbors?

Denver International Airport actively manages noise issues that affect the community. Since the airport opened, it has operated under procedures that have significantly reduced overall noise impact. The DIA Noise Abatement Office continually monitors compliance with these procedures and works with the appropriate organizations or agencies to improve compliance where possible. More »

Did You Know?

Lounge 5280

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