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International Passengers


Denver International Airport (DIA) is proud to be the gateway to Denver, Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain West. Although DIA is one of the busiest airports in the world, you will discover how easy it is to travel to or from your international flight.

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Connecting Flights

If you are connecting to another flight, once you have cleared customs you will leave the U.S. Customs area and proceed to passenger security screening in Jeppesen Terminal. Once through security-screening, take an automated train from the terminal to your departure gate. You can recheck your baggage outside of the U.S. Customs area, and airline personnel will direct you to your departure gate. Baggage carts are available free of charge in the U.S. Customs area.

Traveling Between Jeppesen Terminal and Gates

An automated train quickly connects DIA’s Jeppesen Terminal to A Gates, B Gates, and C Gates. The train trip from A Gates to B Gates is approximately three minutes. You can travel from A Gates to C Gates in less than five minutes. Train stations are located in the center of all four buildings. Signs will direct you. If your destination is an A gate, then you can walk there using a bridge to A Gates.

International Arrivals

If you are arriving from another country and have not cleared U.S. Customs and Border Protection, you will arrive at DIA’s A Gates. When you disembark from the plane, you will travel through a passageway and over an enclosed bridge; then take an escalator or elevator to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, located in Jeppesen Terminal.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers will examine your passport and other required government documentation. You will collect your baggage and exit the inspection area by handing your CBP Form 6059B to the CBP officer at the exit. You can find more information on U.S. Customs and Border Protection at www.cbp.gov.

The phone number for the DIA offices of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is: (303) 342-7400.


All departing passengers begin their journey in Jeppesen Terminal, where ticketing, flight check-in, baggage check-in, and security screening are located. Airline counters are located on both sides of the terminal: Terminal East and Terminal West. Once you have passed through passenger security screening, you can take an automated train from the terminal to a concourse and your departure gate. As most international flights depart from A Gates, you may also choose to walk the enclosed bridge that connects Jeppesen Terminal to A Gates. A passenger security screening checkpoint is located at the bridge entrance, which is on Terminal Level 6.


All departing passengers must go through passenger security screening. You must be ready to show an agent a valid passport or other approved government-issued photo identification and a flight boarding pass before entering the screening area. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration describes security screening and its airline travel policies on its Web site: www.tsa.gov.

Final Destination Denver

If Denver is your final destination, you will find the airport’s international arrivals area once you've cleared U.S. Customs in Jeppesen Terminal. Here, you can meet family or friends, rent a car, get a taxicab, or arrange for other ground transportation. Hotel and tourism information also is available in the terminal. The vibrant city of Denver is about 35 minutes from the airport, and you can drive to the spectacular Rocky Mountains in less than one hour.

Ground Transportation

Rental car, taxicab, bus, and shuttle counters are located at Jeppesen Terminal. Walk to the center of the terminal atrium to find rental car agents, to get information about or to schedule a shuttle, or to hire a limousine or taxicab (Terminal Level 5).


Airport customer service is available at information booths throughout the airport. Customer service agents and can answer questions about the airport other services. There is an information booth in Jeppesen Terminal and on each concourse. Customer service agents can provide assistance in several languages, and also can call a company that provides interpreters for more than 20 languages.

The airport’s friendly Hospitality Ambassadors are stationed throughout the airport. They wear white cowboy hats and beige leather vests, so they are easily recognizable. The Hospitality Ambassadors will be happy to give you directions or other assistance.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange currency at World Wide Money Exchange, located in Jeppesen Terminal to the right as you exit the international arrivals area. There are additional locations at A Gates and at B Gates, on the gate level above the train station. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are located throughout the airport.

Smoking Lounges

  • C Gates - Smokin’ Bear – gate level, above the train station

Shops and Restaurants

Denver International Airport has more than 140 shops and restaurants that are located Jeppesen Terminal and concourses A, B and C. Dine or shop in the airy, spacious Jeppesen Terminal. On the concourses, especially above the train stations, you can find more restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques and fine clothing stores.

Tax and Duty-Free Shops

Passengers who are departing on international flights can shop in the duty-free store at A Gates, on the gate level above the train station. A duty-free kiosk is located at B Gates, near Gate B39.

Post Office

A full-service retail U.S. Post Office is located on Level 6 in Jeppesen Terminal. You can mail letters and packages, as well as purchase stamps, commemorative gifts, or packaging materials.

Internet Access

DIA provides free WiFi Internet access throughout the airport, in Jeppesen Terminal and A, B, and C Gates.

Did You Know?

Lounge 5280

Lounge 5280 offers premium and unique handpicked selections of wine, cocktails, spirits, beer, and food.