Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation

The Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA), a first of its kind in the aviation industry, will help underserved communities and prepare current and future employees for a career in aviation. The center will help Denver become THE place that businesses across the United States come to find aviation talent as well as create more opportunities for minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses to do business at DEN. CEEA will focus on three key areas:

  • Business Development Training Academy
  • Career Pathways
  • Research and Innovation Lab

The goals of CEEA are to:

  • Foster an environment of innovation and improvement
  • Create an organizational structure that encourages employees and businesses to experiment and think creatively
  • Bolster recruitment initiatives
  • Create a learning environment through fostering professional growth amongst employees and business owners
  • Provide access to the aviation industry either through jobs or business opportunities, specifically targeting underserved populations and small businesses

CEEA is being implemented as part of DEN's Vision 100 plan, which will prepare the airport for 100 million passengers in the next eight to 10 years. The center will be constructed on Level 4 of the Hotel and Transit Center as part of the Great Hall Completion.